Quarter-Sawn Flooring

Perfect Quarter-Sawn American Hard Maple Flooring

Quarter-Sawn Hard Maple Flooring

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  • Straight Grained
  • All White (Sap) Wood (95% of brown heartwood removed)
  • Long Lengths (5' average board length, 30” minimum, 8-12' maximum)
  • Clear Grade
  • Plank Widths: 4”, 5” & 6” (special order widths available)


  • Vertical grain structure of 80 - 90 degrees
  • 3/4" thickness, (other thicknesses available)
  • Unfinished
  • T&G and end matched to NOFMA standard
  • Engineered:
    • Wear Layer of 4mm
    • Platform of 15mm, 11ply Russian Baltic Birch
    • Wear layer permanently attached with Bostiks flexible urethane glue
  • Target Moisture content of 9% (7% available by use of interior grade platform)
  • Janka hardness of 1450











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There is a big difference between standard quarter-sawn flooring and the product we sell.

You can legally call a floorboard “quarter-sawn” if its grain is between 60-90 degrees. This is best flooring available from other hardwood flooring companies.

Our unique sawing process produces floorboards that are of a much higher quality with a much tighter grain – between 80-90 degrees. Having the grain running perpendicular to the surface of the flooring, while far more time intensive to produce, cuts across the wood's ray cells yielding "ray-flecked" grain with a spectacularly iridescent and shimmering "flake figure".

Cross section of engineered flooring showing tongue and groove

Cross section of engineered flooring showing our thick wear layer, our radial-sawn vertical grain, tongue & groove, stress relief milling and 11-ply Baltic Birch platform.